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More important than achieving goals is the impact we will create by achieving them

helping the planet is also a key objective
Impact the economy with socio-environmental responsibility
Our goal is much more than making your company digital, it is also creating a partnership that benefits the planet.

For this purpose, we create strategies that save paper, water, energy and we reverse part of your investment in Dayway in investments in projects that contribute to the reduction of CO ₂.
Savings of over 8.8 million sheets of paper
Through Dayway, partner companies saved more than 8.8 million sheets of paper from their operations in 2021.
Investment in reducing carbon emissions
10 projects invested in reducing carbon emissions and impact.
12.6 tons of carbon saved
Our customers saved 12.6 tonnes of carbon in 2021 through Dayway.
Generate more and more impact
By 2022, our mission is to save 23.5 million sheets, totaling 33.7 tons of carbon savings.
Your investment being invested in a better world
Innovation runs through all spheres of Dayway, when it comes to impacting the world, we innovate twice as much. We invest part of your investment in Dayway in initiatives that impact the world, such as Running Tide, a carbon-fighting institution that seeks to reforest the ocean, planting new algae trees around the world, which in turn produce 10 to 25 times more oxygen than a terrestrial tree.

In addition to RunningTide, 9 other initiatives also receive your investment. Learn more about each of them:
social and governmental impact
We will be a case not when revenue exceeds the goal, but when we look to the side and see all religions, ethnicities, colors and genders being represented within Dayway.
of our staff is composed of women, including in leadership positions
of Dayway's board is made up of women
Build a better future with us
Come generate impact with Dayway and invest in a better world.